our story

We hope you enjoy our mead as much as we enjoy making it!

Origin Story

Our story begins, when I started dating my wife, Wendy, in undergrad at UIC, we would take the 8 bus up Halsted to Haymarket Brewing for date nights. I was very much into beer, but Wendy quickly realized it wasn’t for her. She sampled other things on the menu and eventually tried her first mead. Immediately, fireworks start going off in her head! 

With her love of mead flourishing, we started to take road trips to check out the meaderies of the Midwest. During these trips, we would spend way too much money for people in their early twenties, and it became apparent that this was unsustainable.

With that in mind, I started to think “Hey, I’ll just make mead at home! That will be cheaper and easier.” So, so misguided. Both of those thoughts ended up being wrong, but I realized that I love fermentation.  

Motivated by the extreme failures of my first few batches, I started brewing even more and doing whatever research was available to me then. 

In my past life I was a CPA (it’s as boring as you think). Wendy sees me going to work and hating it, then making mead on the weekends and loving it. Eventually one thing leads to another, and with the support and love of my wife, we take the plunge. 


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